Alone but Strong

Single mother of two beautiful girls trying to rebuild my life. One day at a time.


It’s going to be another hot day they said on the news this morning, so far it’s not too bad. I hope it holds off for a few more hours. I’m hoping to get some running in while my girls have camp in the morning. I drop them off at 8.30AM and pick them back up at 11.30AM so it’s a perfect time to run. My friends got me started last fall, they thought I needed to do something active. So the 5 of us started training and have run some 5k races. I’m not the fastest but I’m definitely not the slowest. My best time was a little under 27 min. I like running longer, more than I like running faster so I convinced 2 of my friends that we should do a 10k race this fall. Now I just need to step up my training a little. I only get one run in a week and I mostly run 10.5k, but it’s hard when I have the girls. I can’t leave them alone while I go running for an hour. And that won’t be enough if I’m to run a 10k race, where I practice is very flat and if the race has any hills I’m going to be walking… I really don’t want that!! So, if I can at least run twice a week and increase the length a little I think I’ll be good.

During the winter I was also lifting weights, but around the time of the divorce I had no energy to do anything so I stopped that. I’ve tried to get back into it the last couple of weeks, I have everything I need in my basement for that so there really is no excuse for not exercising!!! The only thing is, the second I go down there the girls start fighting… It’s like they know I’m trying to do something where they are not the focus. But I think it’s very important that they see that I’m active, I think that is one of the best ways of teaching them that exercise is good for you. Live by example! That’s how I try to do everything with them, I try to eat healthy (that’s why I sneak cookies at night when they are sleeping… not going there right now!), exercise, drink water not juice/soda with food, etc.

Speaking of the girls, they are coming home any minute now. Time to get the day started.



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