Alone but Strong

Single mother of two beautiful girls trying to rebuild my life. One day at a time.

My Garden

While I was out watering I took the time to take some pictures. I love growing things, it tastes so much better and I find that my kids like eating things straight out of the garden.

First off are my beets, ready to pick! I love them with goat cheese.







One of the cantaloupe plants, it’s gotten a slow start since something kept eating the seedlings when they came up. Finally there were a few that got big enough to survive, I hope they’ll have time to make some cantaloupe that ripens this year.







My bell peppers are growing, and turning red and yellow.







My kale  is growing good.







I staged the corn so it hopefully won’t all be ready at the same time.







Green beans














On the left below are my pumpkin and on the right the watermelon plants.







This is my mystery plant, growing out of the tomato bed. I love leaving things like that to see what it ends up being. One year I had zucchini that were the size of pumpkins, some sort of hybrid 🙂







My yellow squash and zucchini. As always the zucchini plants are producing much more than I can eat so I give away to friends.



  1. So love your garden! Learning to garden is on my bucket list!!

  2. My advice is: Start small! If you take on to much you’ll get overwelmed and will give up on it. The first time gardened this year, which was the first time having to do it all myself, I felt horrible afterwards. Then my best friend told me, of course you’ll feel bad, you are so used to do this together. She told me to think of myself as a pioneer woman, strong, able to do anything herself. That’s where I got the title for this blog 🙂 The next time I went out, I was mindful of how I was feeling, acknowledging why it feel bad, and healing that part of me. Now, it’s a source of comfort to me!

  3. I love my garden. Tasks get accomplished. Things grow. Dragonflies visit. One day I sat on a bench and watched a bat zinging here and there, eating up all those pesky mosquitoes. It’s a peaceful time.

    • I know, it does give me a lot of pleasure growing things.

      • The bunnies are the only things eating my vegetables, but I hope they grow big enough for us to harvest soon!

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