Alone but Strong

Single mother of two beautiful girls trying to rebuild my life. One day at a time.

What to Say???

As most other people I’m on Facebook. Before the divorce I was very active, but now I don’t post anything, except comment on friends’ posts or wishing people a happy birthday. On the day the divorce was final I changed my status from “married” to nothing, so no event showed up for my friends. I purposely did that so that I didn’t have to answer the hundreds of questions that were sure to follow if I had changed it to “divorced” or “single”. But now, almost 5 months after the divorce was final, I kind of like to let people know that I’m not married anymore, but what’s the protocol for doing things like that?

The interesting part is that my ex did not update his status to being in a relationship, which he is, he has been in one for a year now… Yes, you read correctly, as most men he didn’t leave me until he had someone else waiting for him… But that’s beside the point. Since most of our friends are mutual friends, it would have been solved if he just had set his status to “in a relationship” and he could have taken all the questions. It’s never easy, is it?!

Example of things that now occur: He had a posted a picture of our daughters on a ride at an amusement park and one of his friends wrote: “Didn’t mommy and daddy get to ride?” He didn’t comment on it, I felt like writing something ,but I’ve tried to take the high road through this whole process so I didn’t…

One thought that I’ve been toying with is just to un-friend everyone that is not a close friend and then start using Facebook just like I did before this whole thing happened. But that doesn’t feel like the answer either. So far no answer has come to mind that I really like…


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