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Hoping For the Best, but Preparing For the Worst

CNN writes today: “Sandy could ravage Northeast as ‘Frankenstorm,’ forecasters warn”. I hope that they are wrong! Last year we first had a hurricane and then an unexpected snowstorm late October that both wreaked havoc where I live. I was one of the few lucky ones in the snowstorm that still had power but in September we lost power for 6 days. One thing to remember when you live where I live, if there is no power there is no water… So I’m hoping that they are wrong, that Sandy heads out to sea, and either case that we don’t lose power.

Still living on hope is not my style, I always prepare, as well as I can. So this weekend I’m:
– baking bread
– doing all the laundry
– filling the bathtubs
– putting bags of ice in the freezer that I don’t normally use so I can have to put in the cooler for our perishables (never open the freezer with food during a power outage)
– the extra propane tank for the BBQ is full
– stock up on water for drinking
– make sure I have enough non-perishables, especially lots of fruit
– bring in firewood
– make sure the car has a full tank of gas
– water all my indoor plants (in last years September storm the plants in my green house almost died because I couldn’t water for 6 days…)
– make sure my cell phone and laptop are fully charged

This is my list for now, I’m sure I’ll think of more things. But I’m still hoping that it won’t be necessary 🙂



  1. My plan is to get the treadmill off the basement floor so it doesn’t short out like the LAST time the basement flooded! I’ll also fill the tubs, scramble to get all the laundry done, charge phones and laptops, and don’t forget flashlights, batteries and candles! Lets hope it’s not as bad as they’re saying!

    • I know, the more I hear the more I think we better get prepared for power outages. At least I live on a hill so flooding hasn’t been an issue for me (knocking on wood… probably shouldn’t have said that, right 😉 )! I always keep batteries, candles, flashlights at home which is apperently good, one of my friends said that most of the stores are out already… Good luck to you too!!!

  2. Good luck! I only lived any where near where a hurricane could hit for three months. I have spent my entire life in Tornado Valley. Neither one are any fun. Both leave devastation behind.

    • Thank you! But that’s the thing, I wouldn’t say that I live in an area that is hit by hurricanes. Before Irene hit in August last year, the last hurricane was in 1985… I think that’s why when it does happen there is so much damage.

      • Well, let’s hope for another quarter century between Irene and the next one.

  3. Jet

    I live on the east coast too and my prep is much the same as yours 🙂 I don’t understand why I should fill the bathtub though ??? Please enlighten me!

    • If power goes out I won’t have running water… so I won’t be able to flush the toilet unless I can manually put water in the tank. So that is what I use the water in the tub for 🙂 Wouldn’t drink it or or wash dishes with it!!!! Good luck to you!

      • Jet

        Thank you so much! I’d heard the “fill the tub up” advice several times and I just couldn’t figure out why that would be necessary, lol. Good luck to you as well!!!

  4. I hope you didn’t hit too hard. It’s was a horrible looking storm. It’s hard to imagine all the damage it did in such a short time.

    • Luckely not bad at all, will try to get a post out today with an update 🙂

  5. Some great ideas to have for handling the disaster!

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