Alone but Strong

Single mother of two beautiful girls trying to rebuild my life. One day at a time.


So Sandy has come and gone. I was very lucky, the house is still standing and no trees in my yard are down. Some siding are loose and the chimney cap came off, but I found it so I only need to get it back on again. We lost power at 6.30PM on Monday, but since I had prepared for it we were fine. The storm went further south so that helped (I’m in Connecticut).

The noise a big storm like that makes is amazing, it sounded like trains right outside the house. The girls were scared so I let them sleep in my bed for the nights we didn’t have power. In my little town 60% of the houses lost power, so not as bad as in many parts other parts of the northeast. I feel for all the people who lost their homes and in some cases even their lives. When you drive around here you can see lots of trees down. I saw a tree crew from Louisiana here helping, thank you to all the workers out there helping with the restorations.

We were fortunate that they restored our power on Wednesday at 4PM, not even 48 hours without. I had not opened my big freezer, where I had packed all the food together, so all of it was fine. As a single women living on a fixed income that is important, it’s not just to go out and replace everything if it goes bad. I had two big coolers full of ice where I kept milk and all other perishables so we were fine. When I write this 15% of our town is still without power (Friday morning).

For the second year in row our town officials urged people to not go trick or treating (last year it was a huge snowstorm with lots of power outages that caused it). So me and two friends brought our kids to the town north of us where a shopping plaza was doing trick or treating. Not the same as going house to house but the kids still had fun. School have been cancelled this whole week, the girls are starting to drive each other crazy (and me).

My ex still doesn’t have power, he texted me an hour ago. It’s supposed to be his weekend with the girls. First he was travelling for a week and then when neither one of us had power we decided that the kids should stay with me (he was supposed to have them Tuesday night). I hope that he gets power back today so that they can go, almost 2 weeks for me without a break is hard, especially when they haven’t had school this week. I really need to go running! But if that’s my biggest complaint right now, my life is really good!

I hope power gets restored to everyone out there soon! I know how hard it is.



  1. Jet

    I’m really happy for you overall. I know it stinks to lose power at all, but you were certainly prepared and it payed off 🙂 I know what you mean about your girls driving you crazy after one week without school. I thought I’d hate them going off to school, now I don’t know what to do with myself when they go days in a row without it! Hopefully your ex gets his power back on and takes them as planned, you need some time to recuperate! Good luck over the next few days; enjoy your run (once you get to go).

    • He got power back at 1PM yesterday so I could drop them off at 4.30PM! I’m going for a run in about an hour 🙂

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