Alone but Strong

Single mother of two beautiful girls trying to rebuild my life. One day at a time.

Yesterday I Really Needed a Man!!!

Yesterday I took the girls to pick out a Christmas tree. We went to a local farm and a kind man drove us out to look at trees. We found one almost right away, a beautiful tree, but I had a feeling that it would be a little to big. But it was perfect in every other way and the girls really wanted that one… I have to say this, being a single mom had its advantage in that I didn’t have to cut it down myself, he helped me with that and then got it all ready and loaded it on top of my van with another man and tied it down. Being a single mom is also the reason I went yesterday, on a Monday, not the day before when I know lots of families would have been there. It’s times like that, family outings, when I really miss being with someone.

So far so good. We get home and I drag it off the roof of the van. I saw an inch of the end, even if was freshly cut, it wasn’t a straight cut so I wanted it better… After that I put the bottom piece of the stand on, mine is a two piece thing, one goes on the tree and then you have to put that plus the tree in the bottom part.  I manage to drag the tree inside and then, the hard part, trying to get it upright, into the stand. There are not a lot of times when I need a man, but this was one of the times. But, after about 5 min of hard work and lot of failed tries, I made it!!! The tree is up, and straight, and we’ve started to decorate it. Here you go, this is what it looks like tonight:

But, I still wish I had a man to help me with things like this. Not needing help is not the same thing as wanting someone to share moments like this with.



  1. You did a wonderful job and it is a gorgeous tree! I appreciate the sentiment, would like a man to share the holidays. Friends and family will help but there is still a small place in my heart filled with HOPE! Wishing you some, too!

  2. Beautiful tree.

  3. Oh what a beautiful tree! You and your girls did an amazing job!

    • Thank you! We’re still working on it 🙂

  4. Fantastic. You have done a magnificent job. I understand completely with your comment on missing someone to share moments with. Hurts at times. You will however, look back and treasure these special moments with your girls.

  5. Jet

    Good job!!! I have to manage this feat tomorrow; I’m hoping my neighbors will help me because I really should stop lifting heavy things (I’ve only got ten more weeks before my pregnancy ends with Baby # 3)!!! Beautiful tree and decorations 😉 You rock!!!


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