Alone but Strong

Single mother of two beautiful girls trying to rebuild my life. One day at a time.

Monthly Archives: January, 2013


Three weeks ago this was a text conversation between me and my friend M: M: “Do you have the girls for spring break?” Me: “No. I would love to go away, do you want to come with me?” M: “I would love to go to Sedona again.” (She went 1.5 ago for her 40th birthday. …

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Next Challenge

I finally did it! I signed up for my first half marathon. I found one six months ago that I wanted to do and I’ve been telling people about it but this past week I finally signed up for it. I got one friend to sign up and there is one other who said she is …

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Suspicion Confirmed

On Friday when I dropped the girls my ex asked to speak to me. So he sent the girls upstairs so that we could have some privacy. He then told me that it was over between him and his girlfriend. He said that she had finally shown her true colors and that she now was …

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I’ve been waking up lately from nightmares. Unfortunately I can’t remember my dreams, I’m just uneasy and have a hard time to fall back asleep. So I figure there is something going on that my mind feels I need to work through. There is a list of things that it could be. First up: It could …

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Excited and Terrified

I have a date Saturday… I can’t begin to tell how weird that feels. And how excited I am that someone wants to spend time with me. And how terrified I am. I can’t help but worry about everything. What do you do on a date? The last date I had (not counting the accidental date I went …

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The Holidays Are Over

Christmas has come and gone, New Years Eve has come and gone and I have to say they were not bad. I didn’t have my girls most of that time. My ex-mother-in-law was visiting from Sweden and she had not been here for two years so I let the girls spend most of the holidays with …

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