Alone but Strong

Single mother of two beautiful girls trying to rebuild my life. One day at a time.

Monthly Archives: February, 2013


One of my favorite singers has a new band called Device, this is the lyrics to their first single, release yesterday. It feels like it is me talking to my ex. If you want to see the video it’s: VILIFY AS YOU VILIFY, EVERY SINGLE MOVE THAT I MAKE AND TRY TO BIND ME …

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When Will I Learn?

When will I learn to not engage my ex? I did the mistake this Sunday, I called him because he had not answered an email with a question regarding Monday. And somehow it turned into a fight. I was trying to explain that I don’t trust him because he did lie and cheat on me …

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Am I the Crazy One?

Here we go again. My ex has me questioning my sanity! First some background. What I didn’t mention in my last post about the blizzard was that the ex texted me on Saturday morning at 10.15. Keep in mind that I got 3 feet of snow, I had already shoveled for 1.5h and I knew …

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Incase you missed it, there was this big blizzard in the north east this past week. We were lucky and didn’t loose power, but we did get a lot of snow, 36″ to be exact… And with the wind blowing it around, some places had more, luckily some had less where I had to shovel. I …

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Can We Talk?

Yesterday I received the following e-mail from the ex: “Can we talk some day. About what you and me think about the future etc. Now that my situation has changed some I need to start to decide where I go from here. Would really appreciate it. x” It’ll be interesting to hear what he wants …

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