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Single mother of two beautiful girls trying to rebuild my life. One day at a time.

Can We Talk?

Yesterday I received the following e-mail from the ex:
“Can we talk some day. About what you and me think about the future etc. Now that my situation has changed some I need to start to decide where I go from here. Would really appreciate it. x”

It’ll be interesting to hear what he wants from me. I’m hoping that I can get him to agree that shared custody 50/50 is not in the best interest of our daughters. I believe that they need one place to call home where they feel safe.

I did go to dinner last night with my friends who work at the same company as him and they said that they also believed that his ex girlfriend has tried to hook up with the president of the company but that he would never go for it. I hope they are right. They also said that she had, prior to my ex, tried to hook up with the old president and two former VPs (who both have since left the company). I don’t understand women like that, I guess it’s all about power and money for them. Now my ex and her are apparently trying to get each other fired… My friends said that it is really uncomfortable at work, can’t even imagine!



  1. Wow! What a mess! I am sure that woman will find someday it will be payback time. We don’t want to revel in her agony but just move forward along, hoping not to smile too much. I think you should not do shared parenting.(Just my opinion.) I think that you can decide this by yourself and with trusted friends and family members. I found every other weekend was enough, but my ex lived about 3 hours away. I met him halfway each time. I gave him report card copies, all school memos of important events and let him choose to come to these things. For my son’s cup scout pine wood derby race, he asked my Dad/ his Grandpa to help him with that.

    • My hope is that now that he doesn’t have someone to take care of things for him it would be to much work for him and he will realize that shared custody is not a good idea. I firmly believe that you need one home, one place where you feel completely safe, I hope I can get him to see that too!

  2. Dipping the pen in company ink is never good. LOL! I hope he will be a little more level headed in dealing with the whole situation now. Best of luck!

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