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The Insanity Continues

I’m picking up where the post Delusional left off.

So I sent a calm email wondering how he would like it if the situations were the opposite, he would have them only during the week and every fourth weekend. I should have known that he’d jump at the chance to get primary custody… So he said he would love that and that would give me time to focus on getting my career back and that we could revisit them going back to live with me the year after. My response to that was that I don’t want to be a weekend parent, that I would like to still be involved in their day-to-day activities and school. I also mentioned that I didn’t think it would be good for the girls to change schools and in his scenario they might then have to change back a year later…

I tried to scare him (since I know he wants me to go back to work so he doesn’t have to pay alimony) and suggested that since it seems very complicated with him moving an hour away and said that I would stay home an additional two years and we could keep the schedule as is, I would drop them at his office, same town where he currently lives, and revisit the whole thing when they in two years move to my town (E’s son has two years left of high school and my ex had said that after that they could move anywhere). This is not what I want, I want to go back to work.

His answer was basically he’s OK with whatever I decide when it comes to working. But he said that regarding drop of we would have to do that on a day by day basis. On the days he would be going to work, I could drop them at his office but other times I would have to drive them to his new home… Did I mention that my drop of time right now is Friday at 4.30PM. I would have rush hour traffic driving home from his new house so the entire drop of would take me a minimum of 2 hours and it most likely would be closer to 3 hours. He also said that there is no guarantee that they will ever move to my town so that I should not make any plans based on that premise.

So I suggested a compromise, instead of him getting 3 out of 4 weekends we would keep it at 2 out of 3 but he would pick up at the after care at school on Friday and drop them of on Monday morning at school and skip the weekday nights. This is exactly how he wanted it except doing 2 out of 3 instead of 3 out of 4 weekends.

Can anybody guess what his response to that was? His exact words: “That would be impractical.” So I wrote back: “But a few days ago you were willing to do that 3 out of 4 weekends…”

No answer yet…



  1. Why do they always make things so difficult?

    • I don’t know, it baffles me!

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