Alone but Strong

Single mother of two beautiful girls trying to rebuild my life. One day at a time.

Compromise Reached

So for some reason my ex thought that when I said that he would have the girls Friday – Monday he would have to get them to school on Friday mornings and home from school Monday nights… I don’t know how that would not be Thursday – Tuesday, or was he thinking he had to pick them up here and drive them to school (I’m 5 min from their school, if he moves he’ll be 1 hour away). Or maybe that was only the excuse he used for not wanting my suggested change to visitation. It doesn’t matter, I wasn’t going to push for an answer to that.

Luckily we have agreed to the compromise, he will still have the girls two out of three weekends even after I go back to work but he will pick them up Fridays from school and drop them of at school on Monday mornings. Instead of the way it is today: I drop them of at his house on Fridays and he drives them back here on Sunday afternoons. The best part in this for me is, if he does move in with his new girlfriend I won’t have a potentially 3 hour roundtrip drive on Friday afternoons.

I hope this is the end of it for a while. He still insists that he will want 50-50 custody later on, but there is no point in worrying about that now.



  1. Wow, you have a lot on your plate still! He seems to try to get his way a lot but I think you are very compromising. Good luck and try to enjoy your quiet moments. It will be a challenge if you are like me, I tend to like people around me and often that is not relaxing. It is a conflict I still go through! I do have my 27 year old roommate, daughter who flew after college out of the nest and back home again! Smile!

    • I thought it would end when the divorce was final, but I think he will always try and control things so I do what I can to try to not let it bother me. Staying calm and smiling!

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