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Single mother of two beautiful girls trying to rebuild my life. One day at a time.

What Is Really Important To Me

If you haven’t read the following blog post I suggest you do so:

I agree with the author about what is really important in life is the connection you make with other people. That is one of the main reasons that my decision to have children went hand in hand with the decision to stay home with them. I could not imagine having children and then giving them over to a stranger to raise.

I think why this blog post hit me extra hard is because yesterday I handed in the paperwork to the before and after care program at my girls school for the Fall. My plan is for them to start going there when school starts after the summer so that I can find a job. Before we had children, we discussed everything in detail about me staying home with them and then the plan was for me to work on a part-time/assignment basis so that I could still be there to take them off the bus and help with homework and take them to after school activities and for them to have the summers home with me.

The divorce changed all of that. I know I’m very lucky that my ex husband pays me enough so that I’ve been able to stay home this long, but I’m still not happy about the thought of going back to full-time work and having to have them in summer camps all summer. It’s not the kind of childhood I wanted for my children.

I think I need to re-prioritize what I want out of life. I know long-term that I want a small cottage somewhere out west, Sedona would be a wonderful place to live. I can’t move yet, with shared custody I’m stuck here until they are out of high school. But maybe I need to consider selling the house if the market goes up a little. I can afford to live here, but it is a very expensive house to take care of and it takes a lot of time. A smaller house, with a smaller yard, would save me both time and money. And that would free up time for me and my children. I might not have to work full time… I have some serious thinking to do!


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  1. You have strong family values putting the children first. It is harder juggling life after a divorce but if you persevere with giving your children the childhood that you know will be best for them and you spending the time with them that you want, one day you will realise that it has all been worth it. Your children will appreciate you for it. Nothing is more valuable than that.

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