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Ex In-laws Follow-Up

As all my friends and all of you who read and commented on my post Ex In-laws said, contact your ex mother-in-law. So I did. I invited her to stay with me and my parents so that she could see her grand daughters. Her daughter then contacted me and asked if she, her new husband (she cheated on her ex-husband too), and their blended family of 3 kids could come stay too. To that I said no, my parents are moving, they can’t house me, my 2 girls, your mother and you and your family, that is too much. She could have then said, we’ll stay at a hotel and visit if that is OK, which would have been fine, but she didn’t. It was decided that only my ex mother-in-law would come.

Then drama struck and 2 days after I got his initial e-mail I get an e-mail from my ex mother-in-law that says that unfortunately she will not be able to come visit with us like planned. I didn’t even respond to it, because it was in the middle of everything and my ex apparently absolutely does not want me to have any contact with his mother.

I can’t help but wonder what he told her to get her to cancel her trip. One day I will talk to her and ask her what did he say about me and the breakup and the divorce. But, the time for that is not now. Now I am going to let it all go and have a wonderful vacation with my daughters and my parents.



  1. I’m peeking in having never been here before, so while I don’t know a lot of the context . . . I heartily endorse your conclusion. There’s no accounting for the whims of other people, so better (I believe) to tend to the causes we can know and impact!

    • Thank you for stopping by!

  2. I am so sad for you that the stay from your mother-in-law is not going ahead, especially since she seemed to have wanted the contact with her grand-children. I hope that maybe sometime in the future this will happen for both of you and wounds will heal.

  3. I am disappointed in this, too. I didn’t read all the words, I thought that she was coming!
    Bad friend, so I “liked” the post back. So sorry, dear. This is weird, my ex liked me to take the kids to his parents knowing it was good for the kids and also, the MIL. Too bad! I cannot imagine his mindframe and his mean and thoughtless ways. I would not have wanted the sister in law there either, no space and could they not have used a motel or hotel?

    • That’s what’s so weird about the whole thing, you would think that he wants his children to have a relationship with his mother. But my guess is that he has told her so many lies about me and the whole divorce that he does not want me talking to her. He doesn’t want to risk that she hears something that puts him in a bad light. And yes, his sister could have stayed at a hotel or motel, but she never even gave that a thought.

  4. too bad about the MIL visit but at least you stepped up and did the right thing and if they choose not to take advantage of these opportunities then it’s on them

    • That’s how I feel too. I tried to do what is right, I can’t do more than that.

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