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Single mother of two beautiful girls trying to rebuild my life. One day at a time.

Jet Lag

After a very long day/night we finally arrived yesterday morning at my parents house in Sweden. The only stress factor was the ride to the airport. My friend picked us up with what should have been plenty of time to make it to the airport. It normally takes 1 h 40 min, Tuesday it took 3.5 h!!! You can imagine my stress levels rising every minute.

But we made it to the airport, 50 min before our International flight… The check in counter was empty so that took no time at all, she gave us priority stickers on our boarding passes to get through security, we had time to go to the bathroom, have a small snack and then it was time to board. So the time spend at the airport was actually wonderful, normally for International flights you have to wait too long. But I wouldn’t recommend the stress we had on the car ride there.

The flight was full so we had our 3 seats and nothing more, flight time 7 h 10 min. After dinner the girls were able to fall asleep for at least 3 and 4 hours, with their heads in my lap so I really wasn’t able to sleep. Then we had a car service pick us up at the airport and drive us to my parents house. We all took 2 hour naps yesterday and went to bed at 9PM local time (6 hours ahead of the US). This morning my mom woke us up at 10.30AM! I think you could call that being jet lagged. Tonight my girls had a really hard time falling asleep but by 10PM they were both finally sleeping, I’m still up… I’ve told my mom to wake us up at 8 or 9 tomorrow, to get us more acclimated.

And yes I know, you’re all probably wondering whatever happened at dinner on Sunday… All I can say is, it went extremely well and we’ve been in constant communication since. Life is good!



  1. I know the jet lag will cease, you will have a wonderful visit and thanks for sharing that your date went well! Constant communication is great! I am off to my Mom’s for almost 10 days, off blogging after I post my July post, on May 28th, we will find out if people will visit it much when I don’t write back after they comment! Oh well. Maybe I may make it to the library. I need to buy a laptop but am still catching up on bills, including the ear surgery! Happy Fourth of July! I am sure there are a few Americans who may be there, but mainly relax and enjoy your time with precious family. Time will fly!

    • Have a wonderful time with your mom. And I know I have to force myself to get up in the morning… So I got up at 8.30AM this morning, even though I didn’t fall asleep until after 3AM. But that’s the only way of getting rid of jet lag.

  2. Have a great time 🙂

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